Lil Green Urban Farm Microgreen Specific CSA. During the 3 month period you are registered for, there will be 2 fresh 1.5oz. packages of microgreens ready for pick up at the Purple Orchid every Tuesday from 12am - 5pm. 


Microgreens are selected at random to make sure you are reciving something diffrent each week. All microgreens are harvested & packaged prior to delivery for freshness and quality. Don't be suprised if you recive an extra package every now and then as a thank you for your support.


Most varieties of microgreens are good for atleast a week or even longer if kept in a dry package and microgreens rinsed off and dried.


Any questions please contact us!

Lil Green Urban Farm Microgreen CSA - 3 Month Plan

SKU: micro-csa


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