Lil Green Urban Farm Microgreen Specific CSA. During the 1 month period you are registered for, there will be 2 fresh 1.5oz. packages of microgreens ready for pick up at the Purple Orchid every Tuesday from 12am - 5pm. 


Microgreens are selected at random to make sure you are reciving something diffrent each week. All microgreens are harvested & packaged prior to delivery for freshness and quality. Don't be suprised if you recive an extra package every now and then as a thank you for your support.


Most varieties of microgreens are good for atleast a week or even longer if kept in a dry package and microgreens rinsed off and dried.


From time to time we may experience issues with microgreens, but you will receive your microgreens with your next 2 orders or you can extend your CSA subscription for an extra week. Its not often but it does happen and we apologize and will always make things write! 

Any questions please contact us!

Lil Green Urban Farm Microgreen CSA - 1 Month Plan